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Titolo: Torrente Mae
Inserito da: theda - Maggio 14, 2018, 05:37:20 pm
Dear paddlers from CKFiumi,
first I would like to apologize for using English - my Italian is really not that good.  ;)
I am interested in any information about the torrente Mae, because we would like to paddle it next week.
Does anyone know anything about siphons, trees, log jams, blockages or other obstacles inside the gorge?
What about the best way down to the entry? Sure, its not really funny for girls to carry their boats down there, but maybe you've got some recommendations for the shortes or most comfortable way down?  ::)
Thank you very much for any information!
See you on the river!

Titolo: Re:Torrente Mae
Inserito da: Giorgio Jandolo Cossu (JC) - Maggio 15, 2018, 08:05:06 am
Hello, I state that the following description dates back to my descent of 2012, so information on trunks or other could be obsolete.

Ma shows an unmissable and unforgettable gorge of about 4-5 km of II, with some rapid III at the beginning (of which the first to be transhipped by foot, initially on the right and then on the left for siphon and trunks). The river must have descended with a low level of  water (under the bridge of the SS 51, the water must just touch lightly the artificial - see photo "116c-Livelli_Ponte presbarco e idrometro" at "") and/or the attached picture (if it appears  ;))

The landing (disembarkation) is possible downstream of the bridge of the main road (ref. SS.51) toward Longarone (in the province of Belluno), before the confluence with the Piave. Traveling SS.51 northwards, towards Longarone, enter in the industrial area of the same name just before the bridge over the Ma river and pass the ecological oasis (Ecomont) to park at the end of the road on the orographic right (GPS: Lat.46 15 '35 " N Long.12 18 '00 "W).

Boarding: from the disembarkation bridge back towards Longarone on the SS.51; after about 500m take a small road on the left under a railway underpass. Follow this road and turn left at the first intersection (on the right you would go towards Longarone), pass a not very obvious bridge on the river (you pass on the right orographic) and then on the right at the road where there is the sign on which is writte cemetery toward the left. Go up the narrow street that runs up the throat (on the right bank, the road begins to rise from a sign with a writing "Macello"). Follow it for about 3.5 km up to an obvious stone bridge. To the right of the bridge, take a path that descends steeply to the bottom of the gorge.
GPS: Lat.46 15 '54 "N Long.12 15' 54" E

I'm sorry for my bad English, but thanks google translator that sometimes helps me.   ;D

You can find some pictures and other information (in italian) at the following links:
- my 2012 descent report:
- description worksheet on CKfiumi:

Have a good descent, but check well the water level before entering and remember that boarding almost certainly requires rope and carabiner to lower the canoes and possibly to ensure the safety of people (especially if the ground is wet)

Titolo: Re:Torrente Mae
Inserito da: Giorgio Jandolo Cossu (JC) - Maggio 15, 2018, 08:16:33 am
Hi Theda,

 ... I try again to post the water level picture (taken during my 2012 descent) just before the disembarkation.
The first attempt apparently failed and I don't gurantee the second one because the web page say to me that the picture is already uploaded. I Try with another picture. ;D


Giorgio (JC)
Titolo: Re:Torrente Mae
Inserito da: theda - Maggio 15, 2018, 04:03:02 pm
Hi Giorgio,
thank you very much for your information. Both pictures werde uploaded.  :)
Do you think it is necessary to inform the people of the hydroelectric powerplant above about the ride?
Titolo: Re:Torrente Mae
Inserito da: Giorgio Jandolo Cossu (JC) - Maggio 16, 2018, 12:25:20 pm
Hi Theda,

I honestly do not know: it could be useful at least to know if they are going to open the dam while you will be in the gorge, but I do not know if the hydroelectric plant is continuously manned.

If you can do it. ;-)